Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random little bits

We had a mouse problem in our house this past winter so we decided we wanted to get some kittens to stay outside and maybe they would help us out. This is our first kitten Trixie. She couldn't be a better kitten. She lets Blake carry her around how ever he likes and she doesn't act like it bothers her at all! She goes everywhere with him if he is outside playing. He is getting better at letting the cat go when it wants and not making it stay with him. 

We got a second kitten last week. We named her Shadow. At first she didn't like any loud noises and fast movements so we was kinda scared the first couple days we had her. But now she is a great kitten! Beside the fact that when she gets scared she goes straight for the envoy engine! We took her to VBS with us one night, and then the next morning I went to leave and I had to pull off the road and pop the good because I had a kitten riding on the air filter :) but, she is getting a lot better! Now if you call her name she usually comes out of hiding. She is a lot like Trixie and puts up with anything Blake wants her to do! 

Brooke has been doing good! Saturday night was her first night in her crib in her own bedroom! Since she was born she has been sleeping in a cradle in Tyler and I's bedroom. She has always slept good for us at nights. I think the first night she was home she got up twice, ever since then if has just been once. Usually it is either at 2ish or 5ish. So I can't complain! Naps is where we have the problem, not with her but her big brother. He doesn't like her to sleep! He likes her up so he can play with her. So I'd put her down for a nap and go start working in the kitchen or something and it wouldn't go too long before Blake was running out saying Brooke was awake. He would go in out room and wake her up. So Tyler got the idea that maybe if I would put her upstairs then he wouldn't go wake her up because it wouldn't be very handy for him to do it since he would have to go upstairs and if he would it would give me a good chance to stop him. So Saturday afternoon for her nap I put her up there and she left for several hours!! So I decided to try putting her up there at night time too. It went great! She slept thought the night for the first time!! She doesn't go to bed until 11 or 11:30 but she sleeps until 7:30 or 8 when she is in her crib. When she slept in the cradle she  would go to bed at that time, get up once to eat then wake up for the day around 6:30 when Tyler's alarm would go off. So we improved and I am loving it! :) Now we are just trying to get her to go to bed a little earlier :) 

Blake is turning into quite the little helper! Yesterday during Brooke's morning nap I went outside to water flowers and do some work but Blake watered all my flowers for me so I was able to do other work. I'm sure he didn't mind that part that he could get wet while he did it! 

When Tyler came home for lunch yesterday he blew up the pool we got Blake, so he liked that too! He played in it for a long time even thought we both thought the water was freezing! It has been worth it's money and he has only played in it one day! And yes, incase you are wondering he is wearing his rubber boots. Who would want to get their feet wet when they are swimming?! 

Blake is usually a crazy, hyper, always moving, goofy little guy! But when it comes to his sister he is the exact opposite of that! Tyler and I are the only ones that he usually shows this side to but he does have a calm nice side :) he loves to be right beside her! When I feed her her bottle he sits right beside me in the chair and holds her hand or her foot almost the entire time. If she starts crying he is very quick to tell me and if I don't get to her in time he will start feeding her or give her the paci. So it is very helpful! She is the second thing he asks about when he wakes up, the first being Dadda :) he loves to hold her too! She is kinda like the kittens and lets him hold her how ever he wants :) 

I think that is all for now. I'll end with the pictures I took for Tyler for Father's Day of the kids. 


  1. Love this post! You did a good job getting pics of the kids. Blake really looks like Tyler in the last picture.

  2. Love the pictures of the kids!