Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It has been way to long since I have updated! (I think I say that every time, and it always seems to go just as long the next time) I guess such is life. We are busy! Not sure with what all the time but we are always doing something it seems! 

Brooke is growing like a weed! She is almost 5 months now! (Will be on sept. 7). :( she is rolling over all the time and can scoot herself wherever she wants to go! I can put her down on her back, she instantly rolls over to her belly then will scoot backwards clear across the room! She can get up on all fours like she is crawling but can't go forward yet. But she is so close!! Each day we notice a huge improvement from the day before so I don't think it's going to be long!! :( not sure I'm ready for my baby girl to be crawling and getting into everything but she will be MUCH happier when she can!! She can get kinda crabby now when she gets somewhere where she needs to go forward :)  She weighs about 15 pounds as of a couple weeks ago. She wears 3-6 month clothes and sleeps about 10 1/2 hours almost every night! She usually takes 4 naps a day and they can range anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. 

Her and Blake are best buds! (Most of the time) Brooke is much more content when she is in the same room as Blake. She loves to play with his tractors! And I think Blake likes having someone to "farm" with just as much as Brooke likes it. If I ask him to bring her a toy 9 times out of 10 it is a tractor! He is not going to let her like dolls if he can help it :) Since Brooke can move different places now she rolled and scooted around the other day enough that she got to Blake's favorite blue field cultivator to play with it. It wasn't a good move by Brooke! That made her brother pretty upset!! He very quickly yelled at "Booka" and yelled for me to come help him get it away. Then he proceeded to cry on the floor because "Booka" took his favorite toy and she had a pretty good grip on it so he couldnt get it away from her :) so we have made it through the "first" toy fight! I'm just waiting for the day that it happens very 5 minutes :) 
Brooke also likes food! I know that's not an abnormal thing to say but she is completely different than Blake in this area! She grabed Tyler's fork off the table the other day when he was holding her, and proceeded to put it on his plate by his food! This is becoming a normal thing for her to do! If there is any food in her reach you better be watching or else real quickly it is going to be in your lap! So far she has eaten (or more so sucked on): cucumbers, honey dew, ice cream, applesauce, bread, potatoes (mashed and fries form), a couple kinds of meat, donuts, cake (white sheet cake and zucchini cake), cookies, a couple kinds of icing, and I'm sure there are way more that I can't remember!! She eats something with us almost every meal, and if we don't want her to we have to put her on the floor or in the other room. If she can see food and isn't getting any she can get upset at us :)

Blake is growing up fast too! His favorite thing to do is to go to work with daddy! It doesn't matter what daddy is doing if he wants a side kick all he has to do it say it and he goes in a heart beat!! He is talking more and more each day I feel like! It is hard to understand but he has many words that are "normal" and that most people say :) it's not his own language anymore! :) he still says a lot of words in his own language but can say a lot more now than he could 2 weeks ago!! Just don't ask him to say them and you have much better odds at hearing them :) you ask him to say his new word and that is an extremely quick way to get him to be shy and quiet for the next 5 minutes!! Even to Tyler and I that happens! 

Now on to a picture overload from all summer :)

Wheat harvest! The three of us spent a lot of time riding in the auger wagon with daddy! 

Blake had a lot of fun with the two fairs this summer! We had jasper county fair then the next week was the White county fair. He really enjoyed seeing and petting  all the animals. 

Blake experienced his first truck and tractor pull at the jasper county fair. He thought it was pretty cool! 

All dressed up for church one Sunday morning! 

Our annual corn day took place right after the county fairs where over. 

Just an example of Brooke's love for food :)

 Blake is happy to have some more boys his age! The twins, Nathan (beside Blake) and Levi, are just 6 months older than Blake. The twins have 2 older brothers that Blake really likes too! I get the privilege to babysit these boys every once and a while and Blake thinks it's the coolest thing ever!! 

From left to right is Nathan, Levi, Blake, Luke is in the back with the shovel and Joel is one with the green tractor. It's a good thing we have a big sand box! :)

Blake got to go squirrel hunting with daddy the other week! 
This was the outcome :) Blake was all smiles! 

Pretty exited about this almost crawling business! 

My pretty little girl! 

Melts this moms heart to see this!

If you follow us on Instagram more than likely you have already seen most of these pictures :) sorry for the repeats! 

Have a great Labor Day weekend!! 

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