Friday, April 19, 2013


Tyler, Blake and I took our family vacation and went to Gatlinburg. We left on February 27th and got back on March 4th. I know...I'm a little behind!! It was a lot of fun!! We had a very nice relaxing time. We were very thankful that Blake was very good the whole time we were down there. He loved being busy and seeing all the wildlife.
During the trip we drove Cades Cove 4 times. Between the 4 times we saw 121 turkeys and 247 deer. I would never remember this if I didn't keep a tally as we saw the deer and turkeys :)

Blake and I walking to get a closer look at some deer.
We saw this white turkey a couple different times while we were in the park.

Our little goof ball!!
One of the things we did was go to the aquarium, Blake liked all the fish. 

We saw a tractor at a petting we had to stop!

Blake loved feeding the sheep bread pieces!

He thought this little goat was hilarious!! It was out of the pen and Blake liked to chase it around the sidewalk.

While we were down there Gatlinburg got a couple inches of snow. It was very pretty!!

A pretty buck!!

Blake wasn't scared of the deer at all!!! He walked right up to them....

You can't really tell in this picture because I am in the way, but Blake is less than 5 feet from this deer!! He threw a screaming fit when I wouldn't let him go any farther. He wanted to pet the deer.

Not a very long post but hopefully it describes a little of our vacation. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed spending time with just each other.