Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here are the lake pictures that I said I would post about a month ago. Sorry it has taken so long, life has been just a little crazy around here lately. We had a wonderful time at the lakes with Tyler's family. It was a very relaxing week. Blake did really good the whole week and loved being in the water. After a while he got tired of it but over all he liked it. He has changed SO much since my last post!! He is now pushing anything he can around the house walking behind it. He can stand by himself for about 5 seconds without hanging on to anything. He will be 8 months next Tuesday. He climbs on everything he can. He still likes to blow bubbles but is also learning different voices he can make. His most recent discovery is the word "Bob". :) We hear about "Bob" all day long. Right now he is actually pulling on the computer cord saying "Bob Bob Bob". He is quite goofy :) He also has 1 tooth!!! :) We first noticed it on July 3rd. He went in for a well baby checkup the beginning of July. He was 19 pounds 10 ounces and 29 inches long. Our doctor said he is doing great and is way ahead of most babies his age. She was actually comparing her 9 month list to him and said he has accomplished most of those goals aready. So he is advanced :) He liks to pull all of his toys out of his toy box and all the books off the shelf. It makes a mess of our living room but it keeps him entertained.

In other news....we are moving!!! So that's why our life has been a little crazy :) In 2 weeks from today we will be living in Wolcott. It was 3 weeks ago tomorrow that Tyler and I first talked about it. We both had been feeling that God was calling us to a smaller church. So after some praying, talking and reading we decided that it was what we were supposed to do. So, Tyler will be helping out on our family farm full time and I am going to be working at Homestead Buttery and Bakery (where I worked before we were married) and also helping on the farm. Both Tyler and I's last day of work in Bluffton is the 27th and we move on the 30th. We have been very busy filling boxes these last couple of weeks! Almost every corner of our house is stacked with boxes. At this point we are still not exactly sure where we will live in Wolcott but we are in the process of figuring that out.

Now on to the pictures :) 

We got Blake his very own fishing pole, it came with a plastic fish and as you can see he loved fishing with Daddy!!

Blake's first ear of sweet corn! Since then he has had an ear every time we eat it.

Meet Sir Shorts A lot! He is the newest member to our family. This is Tyler's buck from last season that he just got mounted last week. He did it himself and it turned out great! The pens are still in him because he is in the drying process.

Farmer Blake
Daddy and Blake in Crooked Lake

We went boating one day on vacation and as you can see Tyler enjoys it!

Daddy and Blake going putt putt golfing.


And just to make you laugh today :)