Friday, May 23, 2014

Toy Moving

One of Blake's favorite things to do recently is to move almost every toy he has out of the toy room! It gets to be quite the mess sometimes but it keeps him entertained for well over an hour! So I'll let him make a mess :) 
This is how his toys start out.....
Next, he loads them into a dump truck and moves them load by load, (which is quite a few loads) to the other room. This time they were around the furnace :)
Once he has them there he decides to load them back up and load by load he takes them to......
The back door! But to dump them he had to move the blue rug that is piled in the picture and all our shoes :) 

The finished pile.... I guess he didn't want anyone leaving or coming into the house :) 

 Oh the things this boy does....

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