Friday, August 16, 2013

Overdue update!!

I am sitting here in Tyler's shop as he is finishing up mounting his buck he got last season. We have been really busy around here this summer so far! The biggest news is that we painted our house, it isn't green any more!! It is now tan, which makes it look a lot newer. The roof is going to get done hopefully within a couple months! The house is going to be the same colors as Tyler's shop. Light tan siding with a darker tan metal roof. 
I haven't taken many pictures of it with my phone yet. This is the only one I have of it :) Tyler is painting the overhang in this picture. We both really like the way the house looks!

On Monday we went up to Weko beach in Michigan with my family for the day! It was very relaxing. The only negative was the cold water!! There had to be ice floating in there somewhere :)

Blake loved to play in the sand!! He was covered in sand by the end of the day but he had fun :)

It has been fun having fruit trees and a garden this year! I have been able to freeze a lot of cucumber slaw, sweet corn and green beans. Today I made some applesauce with our apples! I also have canned sweet pickles, kosher dill pickles, spicy pickles, bread and butter pickles and polish dill pickles all from cucumbers from our garden! I got some nectarines from my grandma and I canned those. My mom, Laura and I also spent most of a day making salsa and pizza sauce. Tyler was able to help me blanch all the tomatoes before he went to work that morning, it was nice working with him :)
Our 2 bushel of tomatoes washed and ready to be blanched. 
We used my parents 100 quart turkey fryer to make the salsa. It worked really good. That is also what Tyler and I blanched all the tomatoes in. It has came in really handy as we also used it to do the  sweet corn! It goes really quick when we can cook 60 to 70 ears of corn at the same time! It would fit a lot more we just didn't have the muscles to lift more corn out :) It has a basket in the inside so it worked good just to dump the corn in a cooler! 

In other news, our chickens are laying eggs!!! We have been getting between 20 and 22 eggs a day from them recently! It gets to be a lot of eggs :) I consistently have around 10 or 11 dozen in my fridge :) We did have to kill one of our chickens, she has something rupture in side of her and wasn't doing very good. So we are now down to 34 chickens :) 
This is about 3 days worth of eggs :) 

I am sure there is more I could update on but that will have to be it for now :) Hopefully it won't be so long before I update again!!