Sunday, December 9, 2012

Long overdue update!

A lot has happened since I last posted. Blake is now 1 year old, we are moved into our house, harvest is officially over, soil testing is done and Tyler just got his 3rd deer of the year tonight!!

We moved into our house on November 8th. Josh and Jenn moved out of it the same day :) Jenn had some of her family out helping so while they were unloading the trailer at their new place Tyler and I were unloading the truck at our place. Nothing like moving in the front door as they move out the back :) It didn't take us long to get unpacked because Blake liked to unpack any boxes I hadn't gotten done already. It didn't take him long to figure out how to untape all the boxes and pull things out of them. So I tried to hurry and get things done before he did them for me. We haven't gotten the decorating done but other than that everything is where it belongs. Tyler has been working on getting his shop all organized so he can start mounting the buck he got this year. He has spent several hours getting everything just right so he can work. I am looking forward to having 2 deer heads in our outdoors room! Back to deer...Tyler got a doe (that was on the last blog post) at the beginning of bow season, then he got a buck out of the same tree a few weeks later and he just got a doe tonight with his new muzzeloader. I have not gotten anything this year yet...but that's not because I haven't seen any. I had a doe 2 feet from me and a buck about 4 feet from me on the last weekend of shotgun season. I was sitting on the ground so I could have about tripped the doe. But silly me, I moved (because I wasn't ready to shoot), they took off, and I didn't shoot when I should have. So that's my fault! At least Tyler has gotten 3 to make up for me :)

Blake turned 1 on the 24th of November!! Tyler's family was out for the weekend to see our house that weekend so it worked good to have a birthday party with my parents on the 25th. We all went hunting then came back and had pizza. He loves to run around the house making messes as he goes! He can get around pretty fast now. He now has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom. He can be quite the sweet little guy when he wants to be. He has his moments when he still likes to snuggle with me :) He is doing a good job of listening to us most of the time :) He still likes tractors and deer. He is already a lot like his daddy! He sleeps upstairs and he really likes his bedroom. He never used to be a sleeper but lately he likes going to bed at night! After he drinks his nightly bottle I tell him its time for bed, he gives daddy his night night kiss, walks to the stairs, crawls up and then stands at his crib until I lift him in! It is so nice! He is starting to stand at the stairs when he wants a nap too. He can go up and down stairs on his own now! His great grandma's both have stairs so they worked with him on that until he got it. Thanks!! On a not so happy note...I took him to the doctor 2 weeks ago and found out he had 2 really bad ear infections and bronchitis. So he was fussy for a few days but is over that now and is doing great! He loves to eat all the time and will eat about anything we give him. He can also climb on about all of our furniture now as well as being able to reach on top of the table and the kitchen counter. So he keeps us on our toes! :)

Now on to pictures:

Daddy and his little huntin' buddy! Blake was all smiles when he was with daddy and the big buck. 

 As you can see....Blake likes deer as much as his daddy! This is the doe he got tonight!
Blake and I went to help Josh and Jenn paint for a day at their new house. Turns can't leave 5 gallon of ceiling paint on the floor with the lid off with a 1 year old running around. :) 

                                     While helping me unpack he found a new seat.

         is still there the next day...mommy didn't get it put away :)
                  (he is wearing my slip, he is a silly little guy some days...and he put it on himself :))

                                One of his birthday gifts from mommy and daddy.

                                     Our handsome little guy after church today!

He loves looking at the Christmas tree.  He got a reindeer decoration that plays music from Great Grandma Ponto and if I don't have it turned on he will walk up to it and point at it until I turn it on.
Enjoy the Christmas season that is coming up!