Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am trying to do an update from my phone, so we will see how this goes :) I take a lot more pictures of what we do every week now that I always have a good camera with me. Now if I forget the actual camera I don't miss out on something that is picture worthy :) 
Things have been going good around here. We are staying really busy! Our garden is doing really good! We had several pickings of radishes off of it, and just today I picked a couple peas!!
We went to the Remington water tower days a couple weeks back, they had a petting zoo there and Blake just loved it!! :) Here he is feeding the goats!

 Blake loves being silly :) He likes grandmas sun glasses, with these being pictures off my phone you will see all sorts of silly ones on this blog now :)

Blake has been my little fix it man this last week! Nothing was wrong with anything he fixed though :) he would carry around his wrench and want to fix stuff, in this picture it is the fridge door.

Here is just a good picture I got of our crazy little man! 
He is starting to slowly say more things each day. Bubbles is one of his favorite words. Dadda is the only word that tops it :) Dadda is involved with everything Blake does. He has even started calling me Dadda :) but he has started to say mamma now, but not near as often :) he has his "b" sounds down pretty good. Some of the words he has said are- hi, bye, lulu (aunt Laura), ang (aunt Angie), grandpa, hello, big buck, bird, bug, broke, yeah, no, dis (diesel), bread and I know there are more but I can't think of them right now. He is really starting to learn what things are and he will copy everything we do! So things are getting interesting around here :)

Have a good week!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Chicken Shed....

or I should say WAS the chicken shed! On Friday night/early Saturday morning we had some bad winds with a storm that came through. We didn't think about the chicken shed blowing away when we went to bed. We had two and a half foot rods in all the corners inside the shed to help keep it from blowing away. These were not going through any part of the shed but we didn't think it would be able to blow away.  Much to our surprise when Tyler looked out the window on Saturday morning the shed was gone! After we got dressed to go see the damage we were shocked to see all 35 chickens still alive!! We were just sure we would have lost at least 1 chicken with everything that happened! But nope....they were all living and they were all really close to where the shed was when we went to bed. We must have exceptional chickens since they lasted through their shed blowing away and since they didn't go more than 15 feet from their pen :) We had a nesting box in the shed and that just fell over once the shed was gone, and all 4 rods were exactly where they were when we put them into the ground. The wind some how picked the shed up off the ground at least 2 1/2 feet straight up!  We are actually wondering if it went straight up 4 feet. The nesting box is that tall and the legs of it were not moved at all, it just fell straight back wards from where it was. Neither one of us saw the shed blow away but this is what we are guessing happened with how everything looked on Saturday morning.
This is where the shed landed....straight out from the kitchen window of the house.
The shed is a complete loss.

We are thankful it didn't touch this tree! It looks like it hit it but it was a couple inches from this tree and the tree didn't have a single mark on it! It is one of the new trees we just planted a couple months ago.

You can't see where the shed was but it was to the right of Tyler's shop that is in the back ground. The shed blew clear across our drive and only touched down 2 times that we could tell. Once in the landscaping by the shop and once in the drive way. Thankfully it didn't hit anything on its way through!

There was a few pieces that landed in the drive way.

This is where the shed was. You can see our rods that were in the corners. They are not bent over at all! And you can also see the nesting box. It was on the right side of the shed, it just fell straight over once the shed was gone.
This is as far as any of our chickens wondered.

Dad came and helped us get the shed out of the front yard, we pulled it with his truck.

Our 35 wet chickens! Tyler and I caught them all and moved them back into the green tool shed where we had them when they were little. Thankfully we hadn't taken down their pen in there yet!
 Tyler got started right away thinking of a new place to put the chickens. The bin rings that we had them in would not work for very long. After we got the shed out of the yard we talked with dad and came up with a plan to build a pen inside the green tool shed and to make an outside pen on some concrete that was beside the shed. I didn't get many pictures of the process but I got a few.
Dad and Tyler putting a door on the outside pen.

I couldn't get this picture to turn but here is the inside pen.

Putting chickens into the new pen!

Tyler moving chickens over to the new pen.

Blake making sure the chickens know they can go outside by shoving them out :)

And there they are once they were out.

He really likes the chickens :) He gives them hugs!

Here is Blake helping with the new pen by putting a screw in a board :)
We got the new pen built in just an afternoon with some help from Dad and Laura. We were very thankful for their help! We wouldn't have gotten both the inside and outside pens done without their help! We are pretty sure the green tool shed won't blow away with some strong winds so hopefully our chickens are safe now! We don't want to have to build them a third pen! :)