Monday, May 20, 2013

  Planting season is almost all over. The only thing that is left is the hay field which they are going to spray then plant once the first cutting is off of it. So it is pretty much done! Tyler had been filling the sprayer the end of last week and I think they did some more today and got done. Tyler sold hogs early this morning (as in got up at 3:15 am) then moved some hogs and now he is grinding feed. I have been working at home. Blake has been loving this warm weather! He has got to spend a lot of time outside and riding in a tractor. We have also taken lots of rides with Tyler these last couple weeks in a pickup. He has been driving a pickup delivering seed with the seed tender and then he also delivers the chemical to the sprayer with a goose neck trailer. Blake has enjoyed that a lot!! Blake has found a new obsession!  He loves carrying around a shovel of some sort. He will not hardly go anywhere without a shovel in his hand. I don't have hardly any pictures to prove it but he likes his shovels :) We got the deck completely finished last week and he likes to play on that! It is nice to have that all the way done! Here are just a few pictures of our last couple weeks!

Farmer Blake playing in the gravel.

He likes this toy! He normally digs in the dirt with it but Tyler was mowing so we moved it to the deck. You can see the finished deck behind him.
He doesn't care what size the shovel is as long as he has one!! :)
Mowing with daddy :)
Blake loves it when daddy gets home in time to play outside with him!!
On Saturday evening around 6:30 while Blake was taking a nap Tyler and I started to put up our chicken shed. We got it finished around 10 and got the chickens moved in before 10:30! :) So our 35 chickens now have a new, much bigger home! :) This is the shed that Tyler and I had at our Decatur house. We kept our 4-wheelers in it along with most of our outside stuff and it was also Tyler's shop for all his tools. As you can see we upgraded quite a bit by the below picture :) Now all we have to do for the chickens is get their outside pen built. We are going to cut a hole in the shed and attach a pen so they can get outside. We have the doors on the shed open now so they get some fresh air. 

Our 2 sheds :)

The jugs on the left and the broad head target on the right are to help hold the wire in place.

Our chickens in their new pen!

Today we went outside and rode his little tractor before daddy went back to work from lunch. He pulled his feet up just like he does for his 4-wheeler rides :)

He was not so sure about going barefoot.

Federer's planted the field across the road from our house today. Blake enjoyed watching them!
Driving his bull dozer on the screen waiting for the planter to come closer.

It finally got close! :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Outside Tour

Since my last blog post, they have gotten 4 fields planted and all the spraying done! Blake has been enjoying planting season already and it just started! He has had several tractor rides in the last couple days :) The field around our house is planted and Blake loved being able to look out the window and see a tractor! He would hear it and run to a window so he could see it.

Here is an updated picture of our chickens, I just took it this morning when I was out feeding and watering them. The 2 chicks on the left of the picture are some of the new 10 we got. They are fitting in very nicely and catching up to the others fast!

I thought since a lot of people haven't seen our house that I would do an outside tour to show you where we live. Sometime when the house is clean I'll have to do an inside tour :)

 As you drive in our lane and look at our house this is what you see. Starting from the right the windows are: the living room, our front door, a big kitchen window above our table, another kitchen window above my sink, then our office/laundry room window, then it is our garage.
Remember my bird poop post? The pipe you can see just to the right of the roof is where our birds were getting in at. We thankfully haven't had any visitors since Tyler put a net around the top! :) You can see Diesel's spot under the porch. We sat on the glider the other evening for a while when Blake was playing with Diesel and it was very relaxing!!
 I was standing on the road when I took this picture. So you can see how close we are to it. The window on the left is our kitchen table window. The double window in the center is our living room. Then the window on the right is our toy room window. And you can also see Blake's room window above the living room one.
 This is the back side of our house. Blake's room and the toy room windows are what is on the left. The big window is another window in the toy room. The window that is hard to see is Tyler and I's bedroom window. And you can see Tyler's shop off in the distance.
 After I took the above picture of the house I just turned around and took a picture of our back yard. It is very big :) It is nice for riding 4-wheelers! You can see a red semi on the interstate in the background. You can kind of also see all the little trees that Tyler planted if you look close :) They go all the way around the 2 sides of this yard. Tyler also cut down a lot of big pine trees that were in the clump of them on the right of the picture. Even though the interstate is so close we don't hardly hear it. There is one bump that if an empty semi goes over it we hear it :) It sounds like a shot gun going off sometimes. But that is about all we hear any more. We got used to it pretty quick.
 The window on the left is another one of Tyler and I's bedroom windows. The window that is upstairs is our spare bedroom window. The 2 windows under that are bathroom windows. The one that is closer to the bedroom window is Tyler and I's bathroom then the other bathroom is off our kitchen. The next little window is in the office/laundry room. Then it is our garage door that leads to our nice new deck!! Tyler got the side boards put on it last night and we have spindles for the middle ordered! I will post a new picture when we get it all finished!
 This is another view of our back yard from the deck. Once our new evergreen trees get bigger we will cut down the rest of the pine trees that we left standing.
 This is Tyler's shop. He landscaped around it earlier this year and it looks very nice! It has been very nice to have this shop!!
 This is just to show what all is at our place. The green shed on the left is where our chickens are at. There is also some farm equipment in there. Then a grain bin set up. Tyler's shop and the house. In between the bins and Tyler's shop you can see a big pile, that pile is the pine trees that Tyler cut down :)

 This is a close up of our deck. I was standing in the garage door when I took it.

Hopefully this helps people get an idea of what our house is like. We really enjoy living here and it is nice to have a big yard for Blake to play in! If you haven't been here to personally see it you are welcome to come any time! :)

And since any blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture of he is helping Tyler pick up rocks before the planter comes through. He has a little one in his left hand :) He caught on really quick what to do! He just doesn't pick up very big ones yet :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Earney Family Randoms

 Life has been getting really busy around here. This warmer weather has been really nice!! Several weeks ago we got a bunch of trees and bushes for our house off of a couple auctions. So we had been working on getting them all in the ground slowly until this past weekend. The rain kind of had us delayed for a while.  Tyler's family was out for the weekend and we got everything all done!! It feels so nice to not have them all sitting in pots any more! A big thanks to Todd and Trent for all their hard work this past Saturday!! Maybe the next post I do will have to be of the house to show all the new landscaping and trees. We also got a deck finished on our house on Saturday. Josh had started it last year and didn't get it finished, so it will be nice to have that done. It still needs a railing around the edge but at least it has a floor now. Blake has really been enjoying being able to go outside and play! With Blake loving being outside it will come in handy when we get around to planting our garden. The garden is in the low spot of our yard so it has had water sitting around it until a couple days ago. We hope to get it started soon!

We also have chickens!! On April 10th I went and got 25 baby chicks! They all are doing great and still living! This last weekend my grandparents were at an auction and came home with 10 more baby chicks! So now we have 35 chicks/chickens! The 25 we got first are quite a bit bigger than the new ones but they are all doing great in the same pen. It has been fun to see them change and get their new feathers in.

They just started spraying in the fields this week. Hopefully we can get started planting soon. Tyler has hauled some manure this week also. I'm sure tractor ride pictures will come eventually! We have a little boy who loves riding in tractors! He is a true farm boy! As more tractors get in the fields it is fun to watch him look out the window as we drive some where. He doesn't miss any tractor or sprayer!!

Now on to pictures-
Blake likes to play the piano! He climbs up and down the bench many times a day.
 I can not figure out how to get my pictures turned. Some of them will turn but not all of them :( If any one knows how to do it I would love some help! :)

With the warmer weather comes more 4-wheeler rides! You can't start up the 4-wheeler without Blake being on it or he gets mad :)
Corn!! Any time we got outside we have to go by the auger to get some corn! 

Blake loves feeding Diesel dog bones!! When we go outside Diesel knows he is going to at least get 2 dog bones (if not more).

Blake loved the baby chicks right after we got them. He thought they were fun to hold.

Helping daddy feed and water the chicks on day. He always wants in the pen with daddy to check on them.

A close up of the cute little things! I'll have to post a more recent picture of them soon, they aren't so cute anymore :)
During his bath right after he found the tub of Vaseline. It was a tub that hadn't been used much at all, it now is about half full. When I found him he had both hands stuffed into the tub, a big pile of Vaseline in between his legs on the futon, Vaseline in his hair, Vaseline all over his clothes, and all over the back of the futon. There was Vaseline all over!!! And of course he thought it was funny :)
That's all for now! Enjoy this warm weather!!