Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It has been a long time since I have updated and I am just sitting in the envoy as Tyler has Blake in the combine right now so I figured I'd better do an update! Grandpa was driving so they went for a ride! The tractor seems to be where we spend most of our time these days! Tyler hauls the corn or beans to the bin so we ride along when ever we can! Usually at least 2 times a day, when I take lunch and supper. Sometimes we ride another time depending what I am doing at home. 
Blake is still growing up way to fast!! He doesn't talk much but he defiantly gets his point across to us! His favorite words are "more" and "Dadda" but Dadda is always a favorite :) He likes to get "more" corn and beans all the time with daddy! And if we aren't in the tractor he is getting "more" at home on his farm in the toy room. There is always corn scattered in every room of the house now. His combine, tractor and auger wagon seem to be his facorite things to play with lately! I wonder why?! :) He doesn't talk to us about what is going on with harvest but he defiantly knows what is going on and where stuff is going! We can drive by 3 other John Deere combines on our way to the field and he doesn't get excited about them but as soon as he can see ours, even if we are a mile away, he gets excited! He already knows our equipment apart from other farmers. He is going to be wanting to farm all the time in a year from now!! He would last all day in the tractor with daddy if I would let him! The first thing he wants when he wakes up every morning is his combine and the thing he is playing with right before bed is his combine! It is all he does anymore :) 

This was the first time Blake was at the field for this year! He was really excited that daily tractor rides were starting back up!
While the wagons are unloading sometimes Blake and mommy sit on the bin pads and watch!
Or he sits with daddy and watches :) 

I snapped this picture as I was getting lunches ready one day!

Tyler got his first deer of the year last night! Blake had fun helping skin it last night! He loves to be right beside his daddy no matter what he is doing! The most common thing he cries about anymore is he misses his Dadda! Most days when we leave the field he has a melt down about Dadda not being able to come with us or because he can't stay with Dadda! When he wakes up and Dadda is already at work he cries, and he usually cries a couple other times during the day because he wants Dadda :) He loves his Dadda!! 

Blake also went on his first hunting trip!! Tyler said he wasn't sure if Blake caught on to everything but they had fun and that's all that matters! Tyler took him one evening while my mom and I were making apple cider. We couldn't watch all our apples go to waste so we are both stalked up on cider for the year!! 

In other news we are adding an addition to our family in early April!! We are excited about it and Blake is when we ask him :) 

I am sure there is stuff I could have put on here that I forgot about. But maybe I should try to update more than once a month so I don't forget stuff :)