Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Job

We have officially moved! We moved out to Wolcott on Monday and Tyler started work on Tuesday morning. For this week we are living in my parents house while the rental we will be moving into is getting some repairs done on it. Eventually we will be moving into the house that my brother Josh and his wife Jenn rent right now. They bought a house so they will move into it when the people living there move out. Hopefully it doesn't take too long before we can move into "our house."

Yesterday Tyler ground his first batches of feed and this morning he ground more feed. That will be one of his jobs he has on the farm. Right now he is helping put up a new hog pen for some sows. Tyler is really enjoying working on the farm and Blake and I are really enjoying it too. :) We can go out and see daddy any time we would like!! We made a couple trips to see him yesterday and Blake helped him grind some feed this morning :)

When we go see daddy we get to drive the ranger, as you can see Blake likes to drive it (don't tell him it's in park :)).

Waiting on daddy for a tractor ride.

 Putting feed in.

 All smiles on his tractor ride with daddy! :)

 Going to unload the batch of feed.

Blake must have thought unloading a feed batch was boring.....he fell sound asleep helping daddy :)

Have a good week!