Friday, May 16, 2014

Sleeping beauty

Brooke loves to be cuddled all up when she sleeps. Blake was exactly the opposite when he was little! So we are enjoying our baby that likes to snuggle! Here are some random pictures that I've taken of our little snuggler :) 

All bundled up at the hospital. 
Being outside on a 85 degree day I didn't cover her up :) she got plenty sweaty without a blanket on! 
When the house gets hot I cover part of her up, she sleeps better when she is 

bundled up at least some! 
Helping me edit wedding pictures yesterday didn't excite her too much :)
She also likes to hang on to something, today it is her burp cloth, yesterday it was the string of my sweatshirt hood :)

She really likes being in the carrier! Thankfully I think I have only used it maybe 2 times in the house so far!! 

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